Tuesday, 17 March 2009

hands (EDM 10)

My art teacher gave everyone in the class a lovely long accordion style sketchbook and told us to draw the same thing everyday until it is full. Such a simple idea and so useful. So i've been drawing my hand everyday, trying to use different materials. This process is great to promote a daily drawing habit and hopefully it will help me see an improvement too (i still have a lot of pages to fill, so that's a lot of hours of drawing practice). Also it has helped me realise my love of line is partly a fear of shading (!) so i need to get past that. When the book is full i'll post the last four hands. It will be interesting to see how different they are, if at all, from these first four attempts.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Cup (EDM 4)

Not the greatest drawing of a cup but this is part of my new resolution to post regularly whatever the shortcomings of my drawings, otherwise i'll never improve. So here it. A cup. by me. Hmm!