Friday, 15 May 2009

digital art

i was reading a book of ideas for photos recently as i'm doing a photo-a-day for 2009 and was feeling a little bit uninspired, and i came across the idea of photographing your own art work but with camera movement. i thought it was a bit of a daft idea until i tried it and not only got some decent photos but also got re-inspired about some of the pieces of art. The nice thing is how some pieces came out as pure abstracts whilst others still have the human form clearly in them. i also liked the sense of movement that the camera movement gave to the figures. It's one of the joys of the digital age that you can mess about with this sort of thing to your hearts content with no cost or wasted shots thanks to being able to delete. i am now going to use the digital photos as the starting point for new drawings, thus bringing the process full circle. Great fun. 


Anonymous said...

Wow - some of those are fabulous. I love the one that's got a sideways movement and has made what looks like a mummy figure. There's something almost sinister about it - a real feeling of being bound up, tied, restricted... I'm getting all pretentious now, I'll stop.

5ft Inf said...

Great of them makes me feel like I'm down the plughole!
Would love to see some more 5Ways ones too!
Thanks for your comments on my blog, by the way...I'm now going to become your follower!!!
x Philippa

Paul Oakes said...

Nice series, I really like the pink one.