Monday, 8 November 2010

Blogging Boot camp here i come!

I was amused to read a message on Facebook recently in which someone had appealed for help starting a blog and a friend had replied saying 'Write often' repeatedly throughout his other suggestions. Every second sentence was 'Update regularly' or 'Write often'. The phrases were repeated like a mantra throughout. I thought with some regret and even a touch of guilt about my little blog and how very long it is since i have written anything. It barely started before it just dwindled away. Writing regularly is a thing i must do i told myself (i have been experimenting with some fiction writing and thought the discipline of a regular blog would be a good way to encourage the writing habit). Then in one of those lovely little coincidences that life sometimes gives us as an unexpected gift, i received an e-mail about a "Bloggers Bootcamp'. Too good to miss i decided. So i have enrolled. It hasn't started yet... but i have.

Winter Tree from a series i will be showing at the Bungaroosh Gallery this Christmas:
Blogger's Bootcamp:


Stephen Hall said...

BOOT CAMP!!! sign me up I need it badly. Thanks for the boot up the bum I seriously have to accept, I'm on to it :-) x

rawfood denise said...

we seem to be on a similar trek, you and i! last month i challenged myself to write everyday for 30 days thinking that would set the habit. i think i made it 26 days and now haven't written in two weeks.... eek. hopefully the boot camp will help. love that you're taking drawing class and your 2009 idea of taking a photo everyday.

Jim said...

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Sarah Ketelaars said...

Thanks Stephen,
yes, sign up - i love your blog so more please!
- that sounds a great way to start the writing habit, hope it works for you...i'm sure a break after that marathon is normal and you'll soon be writing again!
Jim -
I'm pretty new to blogging so not sure how it all works, but if you mean would i do a guest blog for someone then yes i would. Thanks for dropping by.